Minimising Notarial Fees

Notarial Fees Can Be Expensive

I won’t deny the fact that Notarial fees can sometimes be expensive. A client looking into setting up business in another country can spend up to $1,000/ more to get documents notarized.

So, it is essential that you know exactly what is required of you by the authority that you are submitting your documents to.

Notarial Fees are Prescribed by Law

You will see a list of Notarial charges here. With the exception of service fees and fees payable to an embassy, the rest of the fees are prescribed by law and not made up by Notaries. This is a good thing as you then have the peace of mind knowing that fees are for the most part, standardized.

But, it still makes good sense to minimize your expenses and I offer a few tips on how to do this below.

Each Notarial Certificate costs $75. Do you need a Notarial Certificate for each document? That can be costly. I can think of 2 reasons why you would need separate certificates:

  1. The authority requires separate certificates; or
  2. You are submitting documents to different authorities in the other country; or
  3. The embassy requires separate certificates [ in the case of legalisation of documents ]

Some Cost Saving Measures

In any of the above cases, you do not have much of a choice but in all other cases, I would suggest 1 certificate for all your documents.

I have had clients who ask for 2 original sets: 1 to be submitted and the other to be kept as a spare copy. You don’t really need a spare copy and pay double the costs. A photocopy that is certified to be a true copy of the original will be more than sufficient if you would like to have a reference copy.

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Thank You!