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Notary Public’s Charges

The Fees are largely prescribed by the Notaries Public Rules. The following charges are not exhaustive but they are in relation to the kind of work that Notaries are most often called upon to deal with.

No.Nature of WorkFees [S$]
1.Witnessing the execution [signing] of any document by 1 person40
1.1Witnessing the execution of the same document by a 2nd person20
1.2Witnessing the execution of the same document by additional parties. For each additional party -10
1.3For each exhibit marked on or attached to the document 10
2.Issuing a Certificate of Declaration of due execution of any document with seal for one person 75
2.1For each additional party in the same Certificate 20
3.Execution by a company/corporation with a Declaration and exhibit 150
4.Examining and Certifying the correctness of a copy of any document on every page on which a Notarial seal is required to be affixed $10 for the 1st page & $2 for each subsequent page
4.1As in 4 above but in this instance, a seal is not required to be affixed $5 for the 1st page & $1 for each subsequent page
4.2Preparing and completing a special Notarial Certificate in addition to the aforesaid charges 75
5.Notarial Certificate and Seal on certificate of origin or consular invoices 40
6.Statutory Declaration for one party 40
6.1For a second party to the same statutory declaration 20
6.2For each additional party to the statutory declaration 10
6.3For each exhibit marked on or attached to the statutory declaration 10
7.Bills of Exchange:
7.1Noting – including registering facsimile copy 50
7.3Noting and Protesting at same time plus time and travelling expenses up to 1 hour 150
7.4Each hour thereafter50
8.Ships Protest:
8.1Noting Protest prepared by Notary 150
8.2Certified copy of Note of Protest with seal 50
8.3Extending Protest including drafting and engrossing per page 75
8.4Registering Protest per page 20
8.5Notarial Seal on Protest40
8.6Notarially certified copy per page (without seal) 20
In the event that a ‘chain of authentication’ and/or any other service is required, the following fees will be payable:
Fee Payable To:Purpose of Payment:Fee [S$]
Singapore Academy of Law [SAL]Authentication42.80
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore [MFA]Verfication10
The relevant Embassy/Consulate [Embassy]LegalisationCall or email us indicating which Embassy you have been asked to get your documents legalised at and we will get back to you with a quote. These will be as charged by the relevant Embassy.
Notary PublicService FeesWhere a full chain of authentication is required involving the SAL, MFA and an Embassy, service fees will be charged in addition to the Notarial fees above. Call or email us on your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.
Notary PublicAdditional Fees for additional services renderedThis will depend on your particular requirements. For example, you may want your documents to be delivered to a recipient in another country and you want it to be sent by courier. Or, you need us to provide our services out of our office at your location [subject to the Notary's availability] then additional fees will apply. So, call or email us on your requirements and we will get back with a quote.
All fees are in Singapore Dollars and subject to revision if the relevant legislation is revised.  If you have any questions at all, call us at 6532 9980 or send us an email.

If you would like to make an appointment with us or just speak to us over the phone to see if we can meet your requirements, just call or send us an email with your questions/requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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